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Find your ring size

This size guide is intended for reference only.

PJB 1, Belgique, FranceMM / InchesDiametr in cmUK, Australia, South-AfricaItaly, Spain, Netherlands, SwitzerlandGermany, Russia, Ukraine, AsiaUsa, CanadaIndia, Chiina, Japan, South America, Turkey, Israel
4545 / 1.7711.43G514 1/45
G 1/23 1/2
4646 / 1.8111.47H614 1/26
4747 / 1.8501.50H 1/2715 1/447
4848 / 1.8891.53I 1/2815 1/24 1/28
49 / 1.9291.57J 1/2915 3/459
5050 / 1.9681.60K1016 1/410
K 1/25 /12
5151 / 2.0071.64L1116 1/2
5252 / 2.0471.65L 1/21216 3/4612
5353 / 2.0861.70M 1/213176 1/213
5454 / 2.1251.72N 1/21417 1/4714
5555 / 2.1651.75O1517 3/415
O 1/27 1/2
5656 / 2.2041.78P1618
5757 / 2.2441.83P 1/21718 1/4816
5858 / 2.2831.85Q 1/21818 1/28 1/217
5959 / 2.3221.90R1919
R 1/29
6060 / 2.3621.92S2019 1/218